Customer Success Stories

With the decision to leverage Acumatica Cloud ERP, see how these companies turned their business challenges into success stories.

enterprise resource planning (erp)
enterprise resource planning

Integrated online store, warehouse management system and financial software

Gained better control over inventory

Automated many accounting functions, streamlining operations

Eliminated IT capital costs and need for on-premises data center

Eliminated need for in-house development team

enterprise resource planning system
Gained deeper insight and traceability into financial, warehouse and distribution operations.

Saved IT man hours by report generation function and dashboards.

Provided mobile access to financial data and key metrics for quicker and informed Executive Team business decisions.

Streamlined customer communication, improving customer experience & confidence

Allowed IT to spend more time making the company productive & technologically advanced.

cloud erp system
acumatica app

33 percent lower cost than NetSuite with 10 times the functionality

$750,000 savings in IT costs

45 percent Increased Organic traffic

Connected easily to third party software including Big Commerce, ShipStation

Up-leveled marketing activity with new functionality

Improved visibility into financial data with real-time access

Gained remote access to the ERP, boosting productivity

cloud erp solutions
Reduced order processing to save the equivalent of a fulltime data processing employee

Integrated with Youngevity’s Genealogy System to deliver integrated accounting, inventory, and order processing

Provided multi-currency and access from anywhere to support international expansion into the Philippines and several other countries
enterprise resource planning (erp)
erp application
acumatica erp
Connected business systems, streamlining operations and saving time

Gained CRM and opportunity tracking and management

Improved inventory management, eliminating $10,000 to $15,000 inventory write-offs

Improved visibility into financial data with real-time access

Provided remote access to the ERP for technicians out in the field

Reduced time to invoice with realtime and automatic timecard entry

Improved recurring revenue and contract management

Improved customer service with case management

Eliminated manual duplicate entry of data

Ready to see Acumatica in action?

Ready to see

Acumatica in action?