Empower Distribution and Commerce Leaders with Role Based Dashboards, Real-Time Data, and Configurable Workflows

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are complicated. Disconnected systems and manual data entry result in untimely and inaccurate information. Employees struggle to get the information they need to make decisions, spot trends, or react to issues as they arise. Distribution and commerce leaders are forced to access multiple systems with outdated reports to gather information to manage daily activities and long-term strategic objectives.

There is a better way. Modern ERP applications like Acumatica provide a holistic view of the entire business from a single, connected platform. Empower executive leaders with role-based dashboards to strategically monitor the information they need to manage their area of responsibility. Empower employees with configurable workflows that make sense for your organization. Use personalization features to remove clutter from screens so they can focus on critical tasks to drive growth, reduce costs, improve quality, and increase profits with an extraordinary experience for customers and employees alike.

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Streamline Operations with a Modern ERP Platform

Built on a modular and adaptable platform with Open APIs for rapid integration, Acumatica is designed for the way distribution and commerce professionals operate today and in the future. Its flexible architecture allows for low code or no code customization and added capabilities such as data visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As a result, all your business processes share the same data, information is available anytime, anywhere, and everything revolves around the customer.

“Upon flipping the switch for go live with Acumatica, we were receiving orders, our trucks were out on the road, all was well; we were drinking champagne.”




omni-channel sales system

Complete System for Omni-Channel Sales

Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition provides end-to-end functional depth for retailers and organizations who sell business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or direct-to-consumer (D2C) that require tight connectivity between their front-end sales engine and back-end ERP system. Integrate seamlessly with eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. Pull in orders directly from point-of-sale (POS) devices.

Simplify your workflow with a single back-office suite. Acumatica supports orders from the web, mail orders, telesales, and in-store purchases.

Ensure your financials, inventory, and sales data are always up-to-date with a true cloud ERP solution, built using modern web technologies to future-proof your growth and IT investments.

Boost sales and offer exemplary customer support through embedded CRM with case management. Offer customer-specific pricing and loyalty programs. Provide tracking information, and handle returns across channels.

Manage your entire business with powerful insights through configurable inquiries, personalized reports, role-based dashboards, and real-time business analytics.

Automate and mobilize core operations with a best-in-class ERP built on a future-proof platform.

“I would need to hire 3-5 more people to handle e-commerce orders without Acumatica.”

Taylan Sevimli, Business Development Manager, Tayse Rugs

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

distribution erp system
distribution erp system


Control access to menus, screens, and fields by business entity with flexible user roles.

role-based security erp system


Acumatica offers a collection of native reporting, flexible inquiries, insightful dashboards, and powerful analytic resources to make your job easier and more productive.

analytics and reporting system


Extend Acumatica to customers and vendors with no additional user license fees.

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Automate customer, vendor, employee, and other email communications without leaving the system.

embedded email erp system


Create and modify the business process and approvals workflows visually to match the way you do business.

erp workflow and approvals process


Capture employee time for payroll, human resources, and costing for field service, project accounting, manufacturing, and other activities.

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Configure email or text messages with automated activities based on system data. For example, send customers text messages when orders are ready for delivery or pickup or notify warehouse personnel of low stock for open orders

erp business events


Create, assign, and manage tasks and activities across departments with ample flexibility and optional project integration.

task management software


Attach documents to transactions and records in the system with flexible search features to find documents when you need them.

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Create a knowledge base of business practices, warehouse procedures, and tips using built-in wikis to empower employees with information.



Access Acumatica using the iOS and Android native app or any web browser on any device. Dedicated mobile apps are provided for CRM, sales orders, project timecards, and more.

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Acumatica’s Open University is a free internet portal with Acumatica educational resources for everyone interested in the Acumatica product offerings and technology.

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Every order flows into Acumatica for fulfillment. Advanced replenishment helps managers balance supply and demand with min/max stocking levels and safety stock. Other features include physical inventory and warehouse transfers. Create pick lists for warehouse employees, process packaging with integration to scales. Automatically print documents such as labels and shipment confirmation. Connect to small parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), or truckload (TL) shipments through marketplace applications. In addition, Acumatica supports omnichannel sales, returns, and exchange processing for wholesale distribution and retail-commerce businesses.

“Users can get real-time information according to their specific profiles and make decisions for their daily activities with more autonomy and accurate information. Acumatica is changing the way we work.”


warehouse management software
warehouse management software

Build dashboards for warehouse managers, shipping and receiving personnel, and warehouse workers to stay on top of daily activities with drill-downs to source transactions and email or SMS text notifications.


Process receipt of goods with defined stocking locations by bin and by warehouse location. Use mobile technologies for receipt and movement transactions. Centralize orders from in-house sales and commerce or point of sale transactions for a 360-degree view of customer orders in a centralized database.


Process receipt of goods with defined stocking locations by bin and by warehouse location. Use mobile technologies for receipt and movement transactions. Pick by order or use advanced wave and batch picking with barcode scanners and carts. Set up ABC codes to identify high-volume items for warehouse configuration.


Process receipt of goods with defined stocking locations by bin and by warehouse location. Use mobile technologies for receipt and movement transactions.


Maintain package weight in Acumatica and print packing lists for shipments. Barcoding validates data capture by identifying each item packed for the shipment. In addition, Acumatica supports user-defined packaging and custom unit of measure conversions.


Create shipments from inside Acumatica with marketplace connections to external shipping applications for small parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), or truckload (TL) shipments. Configure Acumatica to store shipment tracking numbers.


Acumatica Inventory Management provides everything warehouse managers and employees need to manage daily activities. Use matrix items to create product families and streamline sales and purchasing. Create and disassemble kits and track inventory by warehouse, bin, and lot/serial number. Use forecast algorithms and replenishment to manage procurement. Acumatica makes it easy to conduct physical inventory counts with barcoding and count worksheets. Manage perishable inventory with expiration dates and set up crossreferences for internal, customer, and vendor items.

erp integrated mobile apps
erp integrated mobile apps

See how our natively integrated mobile apps can automate the receiving,

put away, and the pick, pack and ship processes

(7.5 minutes video)

Key Benefits:

100% integrated

Real-time data connections

Full features

  • Lot/serial number scanning
  • Bin/location scanning
  • Flexible workflows
  • Carts
  • Auto packaging
  • Shipping labels

Empower Retail-Commerce and Distribution Staff with a Future-Proof, Role-Based ERP Application

Wholesale distributors and retail-commerce businesses using legacy ERP systems struggle with disconnected systems and manual processes. Data silos and disjointed workflows create barriers to growth, limiting executives from effectively managing their supply chains and daily business activities.

Acumatica provides distribution and retail-commerce executives with real-time information anytime, anywhere, on any device to stay on top of issues, take strategic actions, manage operations, improve product quality, and contain costs. Take action on late inventory receipts, identify vendor quality issues, and spot commerce storefront trends with powerful business analytics.

Future-proof Cloud Platform Ready for Modern Technologies

Distributors and retail-commerce businesses demand a modern platform built for speed and extensibility to connect external systems and data.

The Acumatica xRP platform is a versatile architectural framework and application development platform that empowers distributers to tailor the software to the way they do business. Because Acumatica’s ERP platform technology uses standard web technologies and development languages,

you can modify your business logic using the platform tools or a different integrated development environment.

The platform is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology. Leverage Open APIs to connect to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to capture data in real-time through machine interfaces, or to automate your shop floor with robotics, carousels, and other modern technologies.

acumatica erp
acumatica erp

The Acumatica xRP platform is more than just technology. It is the foundation manufacturers demand for the future. Visual workflows, embedded document management, multilingual translations and localization, mobile expense receipts, time management, and other platform-native features are included in the most resilient cloud ERP platform available for midmarket manufacturers. Acumatica Mobile Framework provides real-time access to data, and configurability without coding. It connects with mobile device features such as cameras for photos, microphones for voice notes, fingerprint recognition for security, GPS for location tracking, and more.

The Trusted Leader in Usability and Value

Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights protects customers with an easy to understand End User License Agreement. It guarantees ERP implementations without hidden fees. The Bill of Rights outlines Acumatica’s commitment to consumption-based licensing that does not inhibit growth. It provides sustainable pricing models with limited price increases, deployment choice, and consistent customer service access. Further, it protects customers’ access to their data, anytime – even if they leave the Acumatica family.

Further, Acumatica is consistently rated high in both usability and value by industry analysts and users. Acumatica is ranked as a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Business ERP Applications. Advisory services provider Nucleus Research selected Acumatica as a market usability leader in their ERP Technology Value Matrix. The G2 user review site selected Acumatica as a Leader in the G2 Mid-Market Grid Report for ERP Systems. Acumatica maintains a near-perfect Overall User Rating on the Gartner Peer Insights report.

Acumatica by the Numbers:

8,500 - Valued Customers

180M - Transactions Every Month

97% - User Rating Satisfaction

300+ - Dedicated Employees

+33 - High Net Promoter Score

200+ - Independent Software Vendors

300+ - Channel Partners

1 - Unique Singular Product Focus

cloud erp system
enterprise resource planning (erp)
enterprise resource planning software
enterprise resource planning system
best erp software
cloud erp system
enterprise resource planning (erp)
enterprise resource planning software
enterprise resource planning system
best erp software

Acumatica provides a complete suite of distribution and commerce applications to boost sales, automate warehouse operations, optimize inventory, and streamline purchasing. Connect your commerce storefront with back office order fulfillment and accounting operations.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best industry and omnichannel business management solution for transforming your distribution and retail-commerce company to thrive in the new digital economy. Built on a future-proof platform with an open architecture for modern technologies, rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to small and midmarket businesses.

“Our technology costs are now 33 percent cheaper and we have 10 times the functionality. Our organic traffic is up 45 percent and we are selling more because we are off NetSuite and on Acumatica.”




Ready to see Acumatica in action?

Ready to see

Acumatica in action?