Services for the ERP Journey

Working together, utilizing our experience, expertise and execution skills, we leverage the power of our Acumatica’s xRP platform to achieve your company’s vision, one engagement at a time.

Continuous Engagement Model

At Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica, we believe that success with an ERP is a continuous journey that starts when you first begin using your ERP and continues onward as your company evolves and uses your ERP software over time. This model ensures that your ERP continually meets the changing demands of your business and best positions you for what comes next.

This is why all of our services are subscription-based and adhere to our continuous engagement model.

We offer three distinct types of services, each catered to different needs that occur at different times during the ERP journey.

EIS ESP Program

ERP Journey

From the initial setup to ongoing changes in your business that require additional ERP configuration or customization, we engage with you on-demand at the moment the need arises. We use our proven 4D Methodology to achieve this. Think of this phase as traditional project-based services, but led by your Account Manager.

Once your engagement is complete, the new configuration or customization must be incorporated into your business operations. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size of the engagement. Think of this phase as post-launch tweaking and support. And, if you need to integrate other products with Acumatica, our AcuSync Integration Platform can help you do that.

In-between engagements, we provide on-going support and account management based upon the level of service you desire. Here we provide services around break/fix support, system maintenance, and most importantly tracking your backlog of requests for future engagements. Then we engage again with you when you are ready.

ERP Engagement Services

At Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica, we provide both Acumatica configuration and/or customization services for every engagement, depending upon your business needs.

Configuration involves setting up the native features and functions of Acumatica and requires the skillset of our trained and certified Acumatica specialists.

Customization involves extending Acumatica beyond its native features and functions and requires the skillset of our trained and certified Acumatica developers.

We adhere to a proven 4D methodology to complete every engagement. Your account manager is with you every step of the way, even after your engagement is complete and you transition to support.

At Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica, we believe that success with an ERP is a continuous journey that starts when you first begin using your ERP and continues onward as your company evolves.

"We apply this methodology on every customer engagement. It's proven to be extremely effective to make sure our customers get exactly what they are asking for."

Teresa Rekieta

Director of Engagement

4D ERP Methodology


During discovery, we meet with your staff to learn about their challenges and understand how they impact your business. We listen to your ideas and spend time documenting your business requirements and share them with you to make sure we fully understand what you are asking of your system. We leverage our expertise and our experience with other customers to engage in intelligent conversation with you and help you dream up and brainstorm new ideas.


During design, we meet with our architects and transform your business requirements and iterate with you on a functional design. The proposed architecture is presented to you and you are walked through the design to confirm that it meets your business requirements. Depending on the complexity, there may be one or more design rounds and discussions around pros and cons of different recommended approaches. Our goal is to maximize configuration and minimize customization whenever possible.


During development, the functional design is handed off to our team of configuration specialists and developers to configure and customize your system. As different components become available, we provide early access to you so you can begin to interact with the system and see the changes to the system as they evolve. This iterative approach gives us feedback early on so we can adjust and make changes as necessary.


During delivery, all of the development comes together and the completed configuration and customization is presented for user acceptance testing in a sandbox environment. Test cases are established. Approved items are moved to production on a schedule of your choice, and items that require remediation are fixed and presented again for additional user acceptance testing before being promoted to production.

Integration Services

Whether you are looking to integrate a custom, homegrown, specialized, or commercial application with Acumatica, Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica builds configurable, manageable, and upgradable integrations using our AcuSync Integration Platform.


  • Powerful yet easy to use
  • Friendly UI with no code/low code
  • Native integrations with best-in-class applications
  • Fully open API

"We decided to build AcuSync because we needed a way to build new integrations at scale that are both configurable and upgradable. We can now connect Acumatica to new systems in just a few weeks."

Jeremy Hornback

Chief Technology Officer

4D ERP Methodology


During discovery, we meet with your staff to identify the desired outcomes of the integration. We examine the different integration options available (APIs, files, etc.), and create screen-by-screen mappings to align the data between the systems both at a record and field level. We also establish point of entry and ownership for each record type and field. We determine which data elements should be exchanged between systems and in which direction. We document all the business requirements of the integration.


During design, our architects take the integration business requirements, mappings, and desired outcomes and analyze the technology available to achieve the desired integration. This becomes a functional design document that indicates how the integration should be configured using our AcuSync Integration Platform. If connecting to a system new to AcuSync, a design for a new AcuSync Data Provider is also created, ensuring that the integration design is configurable, manageable, and upgradable.


During development, the AcuSync Data Provider is built (if necessary) and the functional mappings are configured as AcuSync Import and Export Scenarios. The advanced features of AcuSync are used to align and transform the data between Acumatica and the system being integrated. As each Import/Export Scenario is created, they are tested to ensure that data is flowing between the systems as desired.


During delivery, the completed integration is presented for user acceptance testing in a sandbox environment. Test cases are established. Integrations are tested manually and then automation schedules are created to incrementally move data in real-time. Once testing is complete, a deployment strategy is created for production, which may include an initial synchronization of data between systems before enabling the integration. Users are trained how to use AcuSync to monitor and maintain the integration.

Support Services

Every Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica customer is assigned an Account Manager that is their primary point of contact for any service we provide, including support, requests for new service, and engagements. The Account Manager then coordinates efforts with other staff on our team, pulling them in as needed.


Your Account Manager is your Client Advocate

  • Consistent account management through a primary and secondary account manager
  • They know your business and priorities because they have been with you since day 1
  • They advocate for you, managing and driving your backlog of requests

"My #1 responsibility as an Account Manager is to be an advocate for my customers. It's extremely rewarding to help my customers succeed, knowing that I have a team behind me to support them."

Dawn Skinner

Account Manager

Services included in Our Support Packages

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is your primary point of contact for all services. They manage your account and help organize and prioritize work across our team.

Guaranteed Response Time

Choose between a 24-hour, 4-hour, or 1-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) for initial response time.

Unlimited Support

Anything that we helped you configure or customize that may break, we help you fix.

Support Coverage

Choose between 8 hours a day, 5 days a week or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage.

Annual Upgrade

One major release upgrade is included each year, and can be scheduled at the best time of the year for your company.

Testing Sandbox

For each annual upgrade, a sandbox is provided for 90 days, giving you the opportunity to test out the new features and your customizations before upgrading production. Additional sandboxes available.

Upgrade Assessment

We provide a complete list of all customizations that you can test yourself, have us build testing plans for you, or have us do a round of testing for you.


We keep your system up-to-date with critical patches, and then you can choose to apply additional patches either quarterly or monthly

Customer Portal

Our customer portal makes it easy to track the status of all services that we provide.

Performance Review

Check-in virtually with your Account Manager either bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly to review how things are running and where improvements can be made.

Guru Rewards

Each month, you earn rewards that can be used for any services we provide. This is our way of saying "Thank You" to our customers.

Contact Methods

Initiate support via email or our customer portal. We will follow up with a chat, virtual meeting, email, or phone call depending on whatever is needed to help.

Our Support Packages

Every Safe Harbor Cloud powered by Acumatica customer can choose any one of our support packages and can upgrade or downgrade their support package at any time. Most license & service subscriptions include Essentials Support at no additional charge.

Essentials Support
Plus Support
Premier Support

Account Manager


Guaranteed Response Time

24 hours
4 hours
1 hour

Unlimited Support

Support Coverage

8 hrs / day

5 days / week

8 hrs./ day

5 days / week

24 hrs / day

7 days / week

Annual Upgrade

Upgrade Sandbox

Upgrade Assessment








Customer Portal

Performance Review




Guru Rewards


Customer Loyalty Program

Guru Rewards is part of our subscription-based services program. It is our way of providing services to our customers and thanking them each month for their loyalty. Instead of our customers paying for services directly, they redeem rewards for services that they have accumulated over time. And if more rewards are needed to complete a service, they can buy them at a discount. The more rewards a customer buys, the more money they save on our services.

"Our customers love our Guru Rewards Program because they can use their rewards for additional services without taking out their wallet. And CFOs love it because it helps them budget their spend while buying their own discount."

Brian Fletcher

Executive Lead Service & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Guru Rewards for?

Guru Rewards can be used for any service related to your software subscriptions. Guru Rewards gives you access to our “Gurus”, who are experts in the configuration, customization, maintenance, and usage of ERP software. Guru Rewards can be redeemed for services such as advice and consulting, business process review, additional configuration, custom inquiries, dashboards, reports, custom development, and personalized training.

How do I earn Guru Rewards?

Each software package comes with a fixed amount of Guru Rewards for the initial setup and deployment of that package. Then each month you’ll earn a fixed amount of Guru Rewards with on-time payments. You can accelerate the number of Guru Rewards earned each month by adding a support package.

Do I need to buy a rewards package to getting started?

All our service subscriptions come with enough Guru Rewards to get you up and running quickly. If additional configuration or customization is needed that goes beyond the services included with your subscription, then you can purchase additional Guru Rewards. The more you buy, the more you save. And we offer new customers discounts when rewards are purchased at the time of signing.

What is your pricing if I need to purchase additional Guru Rewards?

Guru Rewards are sold in packages that range between 4 hours to a few hundred hours. The smallest package is based upon our standard rate of $195/hour and are automatically discounted up to 30% for new customers depending on the number of rewards/hours needed. New customers typically buy additional Guru Rewards for customized services that extend beyond the services included in their monthly subscription, which includes both setup and support services.

What happens to my Guru Rewards if I cancel?

We’ll be very sad to see you go, as we strongly value our relationship with our customers and want to help them succeed and grow. If you choose to cancel at the end of your contract, you will forfeit any Guru Rewards you may have earned.

Are there any limits to Guru Rewards?

Guru Rewards can only be used for services on software packages you purchase. They cannot be used to purchase software packages, are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be applied as a credit towards your monthly fee.

Do Guru Rewards expire?

Guru Rewards have no expiration date. They are yours for as long as you have your software subscription. You can use them for any service you desire on any software package you purchase.

What if I need additional Guru Rewards for a service?

If you don’t have enough Guru Rewards for a desired service, you can either wait until you accumulate enough Guru Rewards for that service (you earn Guru Rewards each month), or you can purchase additional Guru Rewards at any time from your account manager. The more Guru Rewards you purchase, the more money you save. You can also purchase a support package which accelerates the number of Guru Rewards you earn each month.

Are there any commitment requirements for Guru Rewards?

We ask for annual commitments from our customers. We offe