Complete Live Field Data Solution

WorkMax complete suite allows you to build automated end-to-end processes to help manage your mobile, remote, and local resources. A fully expandable platform of tools allows you to focus on what matters most, your people, assets, and customers.

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Complete Suite


Streamline the way you manage time and labor across your entire workforce with an easy clock-in / clock-out employee time tracking module.

Eliminate time sheets

Works offline

Reduce manual data entry


Turn your paper forms into digital forms and deploy them to your workforce for easy accurate data collection.

Eliminate paper forms

Unlimited form creation

Real-time data transer


Keep track of your tools, equipment, and assets. Know where they are and what is being used.

Avoid tool and equipment loss

Track usage and maintenance

Check in, check out and assign assets to location, employee, or project


Real-time visual metrics on current projects and assets.

Ability to see if a project is in budget

Updated in real-time

Address cost overruns sooner

A Cloud-based Resource Management Platform


GPS Location Stamps

Live Clock In/Out Visibility

Connected cloud with open APIs and open architecture

Overtime Rules

Customizable Flex-fields

Real-time Workflow

Sync with Payroll Software

Intuitive Form Builder

Signature Capture Fields

Triggers and Conditional Forms

Track Asset Life-cycle, and Utilization

erp system
erp system

Make Payroll a Breeze

WorkMax TIME is able to connect to today's most popular accounting software to increase efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and automating your payroll process.

Any Device, Anytime, from Anywhere

WorkMax TIME allows your team to easily track time and manage labor from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

enterprise resource planning (erp)
enterprise resource planning (erp)


Real-Time & Allocation

Digital Time


Punch IN, change TASKS, and punch OUT in real-time as it happens. Supervisors don't need to do anything.

Punch IN to start shift and OUT at the end of the day. Employees do not need to change tasks throughout the day.
A digital timesheet, allowing employees to enter time worked after the fact, generally at the end of the day


Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation

Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation
Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation

Clock IN/OUT

Individual or team leaders clock IN/OUT

Individual or team leaders clock IN/OUT
Record time digitally after the work is done

Job Tasks

Individual can change job task in seconds

Supervisor allocate employees into different tasks as they occur

Supervisors can allocate tasks after the time has been entered


GPS Location is used for each captured step in real-time as it happens

GPS time stamps and tasks

Facial Recognition

Can be used

Can be used

Features to track and record mobile resources


Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Your mobile, remote, and local office workforce can utilize WorkMax TIME to track employees time and attendance from a mobile device or from any web browser


WorkMax supports English and Spanish languages


Clock IN/OUT and change TASKS are tracked in real-time throughout the workday

Protect Investments

Abstract your application code from technology changes through the Acumatica middle tier.

Group Clock IN/OUT

Supervisors can clock IN/OUT and change TASKS for groups in real-time

Digital Time

Digital time sheet can be filled out by employee or supervisor

Time Allocation

Capture real-time IN/OUT and quickly break up the time and tasks as they occurred throughout the day with our visual Allocate Time feature

Runs Offline

WorkMax mobile app allows employees to enter data while disconnected or without service

GPS Location Stamps

GPS location is captured on clock IN/OUT and change TASKS


Custom geo-fence can be setup per location to ensure your team is in the right place at the right time

Real-time Visibility

See who is clocked IN/OUT and on what TASK via the Control Center


Custom naming for location and task fields for your industry

Electronic signature

Sign-offs, approvals, and time edits can be captured from mobile devices based on user permissions

Employee Privileges

Employees can have unique privilege and permission levels on a mobile device per employee and/or per user role

Bulk Edits

Easily create groups in the mobile apps to enter time or clock IN/OUT and TASKS for the entire group in seconds

Device Jumping

Employees can clock IN/OUT and change TASKS on any WorkMax enabled device

Custom Fields/Lists

Capture additional levels of details from Jobs/Tasks (i.e. Job Classifications, Per Diem, etc.)


(WorkMax Control Center)

Time Review

The Web-base WorkMax Control Center is the primary application where users can review, sign-off, edit, approve and close-out completed time records to prepare and send to payroll, accounting, ERP system, etc.

Time Zone Support

Users can clock IN in one time zone and OUT in another zone and our system will automatically record the time worked properly

Per Diem

Assign per employee and mark when they qualify for specific time shifts; per diem earned time records can then be flagged and exported

Auto Lunch

Can be setup across any/all shifts including minimum hours worked, proper time to deduct, time specified or end of day deduction

Shift Rules

Setup default shift (day, evening, night) including configurable float times

Pay Periods

Can handle multiple types of pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly)

Pay Groups

Achieve flexible time and attendance automation for shift rules, overtime rules, pay codes/rates and pay periods

Overtime Rules

Automate all overtime rules including California overtime rules and dynamic overtime setup

Time Allocation

Quickly break up time and tasks throughout the day with our Visual Allocate Time feature

GPS and Geo-fence Visibility

See visual graphical maps and alerts of GPS discrepancies

Unlimited Task Tracking

Track and manage unlimited tasks, phases, cost codes and activities


(WorkMax Control Center)

Built in Reports

Average Time Attendance • Employee Time Card • Geofence Discrepancies • Labor Hours Worked • Location Cost Code Summary • Location Detailed Hours • Location Hours Summary • Location Sign In Sheet • Payroll Detail • Payroll Summary • Pending Records • Rollcall

Custom Filtering

Date • Open/Closed • Location • Device • Division • Employee • Department • Task • Asset



Build, save and schedule data transfers when and how you want with the user friendly WorkMax CSV import/export builder


WorkMax web services are based on industry standards so collected data can be retrieved, created and updated

Web Connectors

WorkMax custom integration connects with many third party business systems

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